"We aren't here to start a bloodbath."


Episode 42




Village of the Moon




Taijutsu robe, katana


Passive, avoids fighting


Fire, energy



Aishi is a member of the Karyuudo and a very odd one at that. He tries to avoid fighting as often as he can, which is ironic for someone who has partnered up with the Karyuudo. But if he ever gets into one, he is one of the more dangerous ones to fight. Nevertheless, Aishi is a preferably levelheaded warrior who descends from the Moon Village and has a past mysterious to everyone.


Aishi is very calm and collected and prefers to stay away from fighting unless it is absolutely necessary. He is focused only on his mission, and does not take an interest in fighting anyone else who tries to interfere. In the Karyuudo, Aishi is very respectful towards Osamaru and recognizes his strength. As for Nayami, Aishi dislikes having to work with someone as loud and violent as him.

While fighting, however, Aishi is very skilled and cold.


Aishi is very skilled and is very dangerous towards his opponents. He is very quick and very intelligent, and as an array of interesting techniques at his disposal.

Red FireEdit

A lot of Aishi's attacks are themed with a strange red fire. He also uses it to be able to teleport away from being attacked. Aishi is able to summon dragons in the same style that attack opponents around him.

Demon KillerEdit

Although this ability is completely unknown and has not been explained, Aishi is seemingly able to completely destroy a demon, making it vanish into thin air - killing it.


Strength Distance Speed Threat Special Charisma Chakra Intelligence Total
5 3 4 5 4.5 3 3.5 4.5 32.5


No Allies arcEdit

While the Karyuudo talk among each other as Itachi and Minato secretly watch, Nayami starts to yell at Osamaru. Aishi cuts in and asks Nayami if he wanted Osamaru to kill him, and Nayami snaps back instantly. When Itachi and Minato leave, Aishi notices them, and tells his teammates that there will be people waiting for them at Konoha.

Aishi and Nayami arrive in Konoha, and are attacked by a ninja. Aishi quickly murders the ninja, and a huge group of more ninja arrive. They are all easily killed, and afterwards Nayami is still in the mood to kill. Aishi reminds him of their mission, which is to retrieve the Death Note. Orochimaru and Hissori appear, and Aishi flees. However, Orochimaru gives chase, and attacks. Aishi is supposedly hit until he turns into red flames and reappears away from Orochimaru. As Nayami fights Hissori and Kakashi, Aishi appears and says he located their target. Nayami and Aishi then leave the scene.

They arrive in the Dark Brotherhood's hideout. Aishi demands for them to give him and Nayami the Death Note, and Rock Lee attacks. The battle develops as ANBU arrive, and Aishi is stuck fighting Orochimaru, Hissori, Hidan, Tobi, Tenten, and Neji. Right off the bat, Tobi charges towards Aishi and is deeply wounded by him. Aishi is charged at by Orochimaru, and quickly kicks him away. Hissori slashes at Aishi, who ducks, and then instantly deflects Orochimaru's flying sword as well. Hissori summons a giant snake that Aishi is also able to easily dodge, jumping behind Orochimaru. Neji appears out nowhere and lands a blow on Aishi, sending him up in the air in order to be smashed to the ground by Tenten.

Aishi suddenly vanishes, and then reappears in front of Neji, killing him instantly. At the same time, he is also able to retrieve the Death Note, and leaves right as Hidan is about to attack. Aishi confronts Nayami and says they he found the Death Note, and the two leave.

Aishi and Nayami return to Osamaru in a graveyard and give him the Death Note. Nayami starts to get annoyed at being left in the dark, and Aishi actually admits a small amount of interest in the team's goal. Aishi suggests that letting them know would perhaps increase the team morale. Osamaru reveals that he wants the Death Note for something that is written inside of it, the name of one of his ancestors that has the Heart buried with them. Aishi asks why Osamaru wants to collect all of the sacred items, and Osamaru does not explain.

After Osamaru murders Tsukihimi, he gives Aishi and Nayami the objective of retrieving the Tongue from a mysterious sage. Aishi and Nayami leave to do so.


  • Aishi's past is completely unknown to everyone.

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