"Just say the word!"


Episode 31








Knuckleblades, tactical vest


Exclamatory, serious




Navy blue

Asuma has been a family friend to Hebihan and Orochimaru for some time now, being an Old Woody too, and is often found with one of them. Though he may seem enthusiastic off the battlefield, when on it, he becomes much more serious and almost insensitive.


Asuma, while fighting people, becomes very serious and lacks any sort of upbeat personality. He becomes straight to the button and is not afraid to start killing off his opponents to complete his mission. However, unfortunately, he doesn't seem to have the skills to backup his intimidating posture while fighting. In the end, he looks like a fool.

Off the battlefield, Asuma is very enthusiastic and is always ready for another mission. He is also very blunt, and does not seem to realize that there is such thing as being subtle while delivering bad news.


Asuma is relatively talented overall, although he is not capable of taking on opponents who are actually a threat. It is suggested that he had blades that can summon chakra around it, however, it has never been seen in combat.


Strength Distance Speed Threat Special Charisma Chakra Intelligence Total
3.5 2 3 3 3 3 3.5 3 24


Dark Brotherhood arcEdit

Asuma, along with Hebihan and Minato, arrive at a historical castle to fight against Zabuza and the Meimu twins. Asuma states if they resist, they will have to be killed.

Return of the Society arcEdit

Sakura throws a punch at Minato and Asuma, and Asuma jumps out of the way and lands on another platform. Just as he begins to take out his blades and supposedly summon chakra around them, Rin hits him with an attack that knocks him out instantly. Asuma stays unconscious for the rest of the battle. Later, when Minato escapes from the scene with Asuma's body and runs into Tsukihimi and Shikaku, Asuma wakes up to confirm that he's ready for the next mission.

No Allies arcEdit

As Orochimaru "talks" to Hissori, Asuma appears and greets everybody. Breaking any rules of strategically relaying sad news, Asuma blurts out that Hebihan was killed in a mission. He tells Orochimaru the name of the mercenary who caused the death, and then states that Orochimaru would not be able to defeat the enemy alone.


  • Asuma, along with Minato and Hebihan, can be seen in the background in Suna during the first arc.
  • In the scene with Tsukihimi talking to Minato, Asuma rises from being knocked out and presents preparedness for the next mission, but does not even go on the mission in the end.

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