"You are like a herd, and we are like the shepherds."


Episode 6






Alive (but hopefully not for long)


ANBU standard, lack of brain


Ignorant, tends to make people hate him





Itachi is a veteran member of ANBU, having been there before Konan was elected leader. He has ties to most members of the facility, but nobody really likes being around him. Itachi has some good qualities about himself, but for the most part, he just thinks he's overly cool. And everyone knows he's not. Because he is.. Itachi.


Itachi likes to put on the false personality of being incredibly intelligent, original, and levelheaded. However, behind this facade, lies the truth: Itachi is incredibly moronic, unoriginal, and unable to handle situations. During a fight, his primary concern is to try and act cool among his teammates, and he always ends up doing the complete opposite. Although he is skilled, his inability to not act cocky and stupid limits his true potential.

Itachi's biggest habit is how he goes out of his way to use "complicated" words and phrases. He also seems to yell like a moron while being in pain.


Itachi has not been in a lot of battles and so his overall fighting ability is currently unknown. However, a few of his techniques have been briefly seen.

Fireball JutsuEdit

One of the only techniques that Itachi has displayed is being able to shoot a gigantic fireball from his mouth. It starts out incredibly large and gradually begins to vanish as it moves. The fireball is able to complete roast someone and burn them extraordinarily. However, Itachi seems to spam this jutsu over and over while in combat, so it loses its uniqueness very quickly.


Itachi has the Sharingan eye technique that allows him to apparently see past certain jutsu tricks, such as Sasori's Killer's Instinct. Other than that, it has not shown to be able to do anything else.


Strength Distance Speed Threat Special Charisma Chakra Intelligence Total
4 2.5 3.5 4 4 3 3.5 3 27.5


The Murderer arcEdit

As Naruto and co. fight off Minion, Itachi and his teammates, Kisame and Deidara, find the entrance to the Society's base. Itachi attempts to calm Kisame down and warns him that the Society used to be part of ANBU. Itachi and his teammates jump down a hole into the base, and charge right towards Shuhan and Sasori, who immediately start to retreat. Itachi gives chase, and shoots a fireball at Sasori, who easily dodges the attack. Sasori lands near Itachi, and they both start fighting at the side.

Sasori takes off his cloak and reveals his true form, and charges straight towards Itachi. However, Itachi launches a kick right at Sasori, which does not do much damage. In fact, Sasori quickly attacks Itachi back with his flamethrower technique and his scorpion tail, and Itachi yells like a moron. Sasori goes to finish Itachi off with Windmill Haze, but Itachi is still able to dodge the attack and appear behind Sasori.

Sasori finally realizes he needs to use Killer's Instinct, and throws Itachi off guard completely. Sasori begins attacking Itachi while invisible, and backs Itachi into a corner. Before Itachi is killed, he uses his Sharingan to see through the ability, and is able to spot Sasori. Itachi uses his fireball technique again and hits Sasori with it, burning him alive.

After Shuhan retreats, Deidara and Kisame think they've lost until Itachi returns and confirms that Sasori had been killed.

Majin arcEdit

As Konan is introducing all of the ANBU members to the kids, Itachi introduces himself and states he is part of Team Yusuburu and points the kids' attention to his team leader, Deidara.

Rivalry arcEdit

When Hidan and Konan, under the influence of the Majin, return to the ANBU base and punch out Pein, Itachi confronts them and claims they are surrounded. Hidan responds and says the situation is the opposite, which confuses Itachi. A short "fight" sparks, which merely includes Hidan slashing once at Itachi and cutting him down instantly.

Return of the Society arcEdit

During the mission to spy on the Karyuudo, Minato asks what the mission is about, which aggravates Itachi. Itachi gives Minato a jumbled up and overly complicated explanation of the mission, which Konan needs to reword.

No Allies arcEdit

Itachi and Minato start the mission and secretly listen to the Karyuudo talk with each other. When the Karyuudo mention going to Konoha again, Minato starts to freak out a bit, and Itachi repeats a line one of the Karyuudo members said before and tells Minato to stay quiet. The two return to Konan and Kisame, and Itachi tells Minato to calm down, and then reexplains everything Minato was trying to say to Konan. The team then heads off to Konoha.

Back at the ANBU base, as the Karyuudo are fighting with ninja in Konoha, Pein suggests that fighting against the Karyuudo would be the best option. Itachi, however, disagrees and actually says something smart about how there aren't enough ANBU members to fight at the time. Later, while the ANBU discuss Sasori and the society with Temari, Itachi reminds everyone about the Karyuudo still attacking the village.

Even more later, Konan orders for all of ANBU excluding Pein, Kakuzu, and Suigetsu to arrive in front of the base. They are given the mission of intercepting the Karyuudo and the Dark Brotherhood underground. Itachi shows concern over who will guard the surface. When the mission starts, Team Yusuburu make their return in the Dark Brotherhood base, while fighting against Nayami and Rock Lee and Kurenai. Kisame charges straight for Nayami, who easily jumps out of the way. Itachi takes this opportunity to shoot a fireball at Nayami, however it does absolutely nothing. Nayami slashes Itachi towards the ground, but Deidara saves him. Itachi starts to bleed, and Nayami kills Rock Lee. Itachi tries to attack again, but is pushed into a nearby pool of lava, and starts to yell like a moron again.

Itachi, however, emerges from the lava and lands a sneak attack on Nayami, pounding him to the ground. Or that's what Itachi thinks he's doing. When Aishi arrives, Nayami instantly teleports towards him and completely disregards Itachi doing anything. The mission ends, and Itachi and Hidan report to Konan, who explains that Tsukihimi betrayed ANBU by joing the Karyuudo and taking the Rib. Itachi wonders what the Karyuudo are trying to accomplish. Later, Shikamaru and Temari arrive and ask about Tsunade, specifically who else she trained. Itachi answers that she trained her daughter, Ino.


  • Itachi was one of the first three current ANBU members to be introduced along with Deidara and Kisame.
  • Itachi is a veteran member of ANBU, being there before Konan was even elected as leader.

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